Specialists in hydraulic solutions

We have specialised in developing and integrating hydraulic solutions.

Assembly is carried out at the factory by specialist personnel in cooperation with our sister company ewo Fluid Power GmbH as the manufacturer of all mechanical components.

Our advantages

Gentle assembly

No transverse forces are transmitted to the chassis. Forces are applied vertically and directly under the beam.

Lowadditional weight

The new “elephant trunk” lifting supports, including mounting plates, weigh less than competitor products.


ewolift ensures stability on 4 supports, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the wheels, during the entire operation.


Operation basically wireless or radio remote controlled, if desired via mobile phone app.

Clamping technology

As far as possible, ewolift is attached to the chassis beams by means of clamping. Otherwise it is bolted on in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Hydraulic unit
External installation

Les composants hydrauliques et électroniques sont toujours logés dans un boîtier en acier inoxydable, à l’extérieur, sous la protection du véhicule contre les intempéries.

Max. Ground clearance

Minimum overall height ensures maximum ground clearance

Chassis stabilizing

For transverse installation in the vehicle, both chassis beams or supports are firmly connected to each other by means of thin cross-sections

Record time for evening the ground out

Evened out the ground in less than 1 min. to protect your nerves and back!

Max. Lifting height

Thanks to the ingenious technology of the “elephant trunk” lifting supports, the optimum lifting height can be achieved. Levelling is usually possible on slopes without additional supports. Problem-free wheel change is also possible.

Optional weighing function

The weighing function (information on axle loads or total load of the vehicle) is available both with the radio remote control and with the app function.